Duke w/ lacing
Duke w/Back
Double Mexican loop
High-Rise Duke
Two-Tone w/ Lace
7.5" Gunfighter
Holsters usually start at 70.00 for most sizes, longer barrelled versions can run a little more. The shoulder holsters start at 125.00 with basic tooling. Most are made from 10-12 oz Wickett and Craig vegetable tanned skirting leather to retain their shape to allow for quick and safe re-holstering. They come with basic tooling which can be expanded upon if you prefer. All styles and colors can be combined to suit your needs. All are hand sewn, custom made and wet molded to your style pistol, no generics. 

  Holsters are available in Chestnut (reddish brown) dark brown and black. An antique finish can also be added to bring out the tooling if desired. 
Slim Jim-Open Tops
Brown Slim Jim
Ruger .22 auto
The Stephanie
Wild Bunch Mag Pouch  30.00
Wild Bunch Holster 
Gunfighter w/drop
1880's Tooling option
Holster w/strap
Tooled Pocket 
Long stamped
Slim Jim- Ruger-Colts
Flap Holster  ROA and Colt Dragoon  70.00
Incised style tooling option
Single Six 2-Loop
Flowered Flap
Western Tiedown
Field Holster
Half Flap--S&W double action 
Personalized holster
Shoulder Holster
Colt DA
Half Flap for long Ruger .22
Colt 1903
Wild Bunch Speed Rig
Basic Pocket.
Wild Bunch Drop Holster.
Ruger "New Bearcat" Flap
Duke w/triggerguard strap

Long Fishscale
1880's Full Flap
Back of WB holster
Buckaroo rig-Single Sixes
1860 Gunfighter      w/drop
Bond Derringer
Sig 226 belt holster
1860 Gunfighter   
Black loops
Double-stack Mag Pouch   30.00
Gun Cart Double Bucket
​             35.00
    Brass or nickle rivets
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Triple mag pouch 35.00