One Piece
   Ranger Style
Typical Combo Belt
    One Piece gunbelts are 70.00 with basic tooling and 20 bullets loops included.  
    Ranger style belts are 95.00 with loops and tooling. 
    Money Belts 110.00 and are made from thinner soft leather folded over and sewn, to be a more comfortable belt than most thicker belts. These are made traditional style so you can actually put money inside them without losing it. 
    Loops can be put most anywhere on the belt you prefer with no extra cost. Bullet loops can be substituted for shotgun loops also, with cost depending on how many. If no loops is preferred the cost drops 20.00. 
    Shotgun belt prices vary depending on how many and what type of loops are installed, but a one piece with double loops holding 8 shells is 65.00, Ranger style with the same loops is 95.00 
Money Belt