Welcome to Whyte Leather Works. In the next few pages I will show pictures of some of my custom-made leather projects. These are some representative examples of items I have made. 
    All of my work is handmade, and hand sewn for greater strength and longevity than machine sewn goods. I use 10-12 oz vegetable tanned Wickett and Craig skirting  in my  belts  and in most of my holsters so that the belts will hold the weight of 2 holsters and pistols, and the holsters will be sufficiently thick to be able to hold their shape for safe re-holstering. All holsters are wet moulded to the particular gun it is made for, no generics, for a proper fit. 
     The pictures are mostly guides, feel free to mix and match styles, colors and tooling options. The Holster or Belt should be reflection of you! Take advantage and be creative and get what you really want. I rarely make the same holster twice. 
  Thanks for looking.  
Mark Whyte
5557 Bobbywood Ave
San Jose, Ca 95124
408 356-5031

SASS# 24733
1st Place Frontier Cartridge Duelist 2019 California Blackpowder Shootout 1st Place Classic Cowboy 2014 California Blackpower Shootout